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Repair and overhaul of your cold pressure welding bracket

Published on 22.04.2022

We design the repair and overhaul of your KSB (cold press welding bracket) flexibly and individually for you, so that you can continue to be productive in the future! independent of the manufacturer Adaptation of the control on site hydraulic or electronic repairs on site mechanical repairs (cylinder, bracket) after delivery More...

Tear off test

Published on 26.06.2014

Tear off test for determination of the load bearing capacity. The operator had no documents for this magnet. The real load bearing capacity of the magnet could be determined by means of a tear off test. More...

Repair of an old magnet of the company F+G

Published on 30.08.2013

Have been received by us for repair. An old magnet from the company F+G. After calculation of the coils and mechanical treatment of the housing the magnet could be re-delivered as good as new to customer. More...

New construction of four magnets for sheet transport

Published on 20.07.2013

Here an existing traverse was retrofitted for the transport of metal sheets in the sizes from 12 x 3 m, with a thickness ranging from 8 mm. The maximum load capacity of all magnets is 32.000 kg. In order to guide this force, a modern control was installed, which is adjustable in 10 levels (more on request). More...

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