Our services

Maintenance / Repair

Of course we offer also the service for magnet systems. It comprises the yearly UVV-inspection of magnetic controls and magnets according to  BGV D6 as well as yearly crane operator training according to BGG 921. If you are interested, we will be glad to submit you a non-bindings quotation.

  • New construction of magnets, magnet systems and magnetic separators
  • Construction of magnets according to field of application
  • Repair of all magnet brands
  • UVV inspection of magnetic systems
  • Training for crane operators


In order to be able to guarantee safety of old magnet systems we can retrofit them with backup batteries. Thus in the event of a power failure the voltage supply for the magnet is maintained. For more information please contact us.

Tear-off bench / Test bench

These are tested according to DIN-VDE 0580 / EN 13155 with our 100t test field. Of course we can also test your existing magnets for tear off force. Thus you can guarantee operational safety and know exactly that your magnet has still enough load capacity for the safe transport.

Rental magnets

In order to improve the customer service, we decided to offer loan magnets. With immediate effect two scrap magnets with the diameters 950 mm and 1500 mm are available. Possible failures can be bridged. Thus the production can be continued during the repair.