Magnet repair

We undertake the repair of industrial magnets in all forms, whether they are magnetic separators, lifting magnets, or scrap magnets, whether rectangular or round magnets. Our specialized technicians disassemble the magnets, inspect critical components for wear and damage, and replace faulty parts. Restoring magnetic integrity is crucial to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Through regular maintenance and our professional repairs, we not only extend the lifespan of the magnets but also ensure their reliability in industrial processes.

We have already repaired the following brands of magnets:
Andrin, BvM, Demag, Dimal, Dimet, Evertz, Felten & Gulleaume (F&G), Fuchs, Himmelmann, M.E.C, S.A.T, SGM, Steinert, Truninger, Voith, Woko, Zanetti

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