Highest quality since more than 30 years – „Made in Germany“

The company Lapp was founded by Karl Heinz Lapp in Duisburg and has provided steel industry, scrap trade  and recycling companies as well as coking plants and iron foundries with the repair and new construction of load lifting magnets since more than 30 years.

In 2006 Lapp GmbH with its head office in Hamm, became successor of the company, which was founded by Karl Heinz Lapp. Since then manufacturing and planning of the magnets take place in Hamm, where we successfully combine highest quality requirements from our customers with our long-term experience and thus can guarantee a high customer satisfaction.

Furthermore we are specialist in advanced development and production of strip winding machine, which are used mainly for transformer and inductor construction. Our strip winding machines are that low-priced and high-performing, that we have only few market competitors in the segment of strip winding technology and deliver  our machines as part of our international activities mainly to European countries outside Germany as well as to China.

A further business division is concerned with the technology for connection of aluminum and copper strips – the so-called cold pressure welding. It  is used for the connection of  AL/AL, AL/CU and CU/CU strips. All necessary cold pressing tools and accessories are commercialized by us. For most application fields of connection technology we develop individual solutions, which are exactly tailor-made to customer’s requirements. This technology is also integrated in our strip winding machines.